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Simply put, SEO is an investment for your business regardless of the industry or the time. Research shows that most websites are not properly read by major search engines, more information here. Lacking proper relevancy in terms of content and technical readability can put a major established business at a disadvantage. 

Optimisation complexity can range from a few error fixes to a full blown SEO initiative to attain higher authority online.


Outperform Competition

Getting ahead of your competitors in search is possible and encouraged. In order to stay relevant to the user at Etoiles Agency we encompass approaches to better readability, content relevancy and further exposure methods beyond local network. 

In practice there is no limitation to the geographical reach, whether your a B2C, B2B or B2B2C business based in Perth and attempting to present yourself in Sydney.


Does SEO in Wollongong work?


Technical Works

Content Works

Presentation Works


The way for showing that you are different and ahead of others is to use technology together with labor and creativity. You need the right strategies and hints to make your efforts in creating your brand visible also on digital platforms. With our extremely large and experienced SEO team, with accurate content ideas, online advertising, URL design and code suggestions, we help you get your website up in the search results and reach top level visitor traffic. While doing this, we use several international SEO tools, and with SEO referrals, we help you increase your brand awareness and reach your goals for your website.



Technical Works


Pages need to be configured as scannable so that Googlebots can better understand the page and read the information provided within the page. Googlebot does not know what it is when it does not see the information in the page, and does not recommend it to the user. Technical works involve the works on the entire site so that the Googlebot can scan pages more easily and access all the data on the page correctly. Rather than radical technical works, the site owners give correct signals to the Googlebot with applicable technical updates so that they can get the ranking to reach more users.


Content Works

The value of pages that produce up-to-date and original content has started to increase after Hummingbird, the most important update in 15-year of its history according to Google. As of September 2013, the contents that do not only consider target words but also contain "long tail" words, give information to users and mention about different topics are both improving the ranking in target words and ranking in more searches. With the right content strategies, you can have the opportunity to introduce your brand not only to your direct customers, but also to the potential customers by bringing them to your site.


Presentation Works

In addition to the work within the site, publicity works carried out through the other sites are the works done for giving the best signals about the site to Google. The publicity works carried out with valuable sites, which are valuable to the search engines, related to the integrity of the site's content is not solely for "backlink" purposes. Contrary to the work on "spam backlink" where Google takes serious measures, it is the whole work done by adhering to Google's principles to reach more users through, particularly, "citation" and other works that will add a value to the site.



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