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What Makes 'Etoiles Agency' The Best Web Development Company In Wollongong?

You need to make full use of the internet to grow your brand philosophy. An experienced web design and development agency such as Etoiles Agency can really push the limits of the web in order to get your company to stand out! Our web design is equipped with all the features for the expansion of your business in future. However, apart from web design, a core foundation is put in place which suggest practices to get better search results on major search engines.

Responsive Design on all Devices

Future proofing websites for best usability, we apply modern concepts such as "Flex Box" to make sure that we attain maximum compatibility across all machines.

Websites today have become one of the most important tools to build up and promote business. It helps you in displaying business profile online and also to interact with the customers. Etoiles Agency creates future proof websites that are not only easy to use but also look attractive.
Focus on compatability is a leading quality factor in our web development process. For information about scaling methodologies do not hesitate to our support team.

Responsive Web Design and Development

Data Driven Approach

Bells and whistles grab attention but do not mean that they will convert a user visit into a sale. At Etoiles Agency we narrow down the target segment and develop a website that is most relevant to the audience. Our research and development practices largely rely on our past and present projects and the feedback that was collected. We also perform forward tests to better understand an industry we have not dealt with just yet.

Methods to aggregate data include: evaluation of user behaviour on the website via tools such as "User Heatmap" and "Mouse Recorders" we are able to pinpoint exact user needs and wants in various industries.

Data Driven Design and Development


User Experience Design has never been more important than it is today. With developing infrastructure we are able to utilise more data intensive designs which means that a lot of heavier graphic and navigation controls can be put in place.

The goal is to make a user feel comfortable browsing a website as well as navigate the user towards specific marketing and informational goals.

Attention to detail in development is crucial to the comfort of the user.

Responsive Web Design and Development


Having covered over 38 different industries, we know what it takes to create an online store which meets user demand in line with functionality, design and various marketing dependencies. Solutions we provide are easy to manage and compete at a global scale.

As part of our ongoing quality control and improvement efforts, we always provide full support for deployment and maintenance of your store for the lifespan of your project.

From Woocommerce to custom php development, we will maximise your ability to sell online. 

E-commerce solutions

Code and Graphic Efficiency

All of our web sites are media intensive yet we utilise the most effective ways to display it to the user. We make sure that the loading speeds are never a nuissance.

Greater focus on CSS elements instead of Javascript enables native platforms to process data faster and smoother while still looking stunning.

As for graphic design, we continue to re-compress custom images to save space at all times to guarantee best usability. When possible, we strive to fill scalable images with vector formats.

We also provide custom built solutions for scalable web projects. 

Etoiles Agency Coding efficiently

Relevant & Local

Building a website relevant to the community matters. Regional preferences can not be simply ignored for better usability and relevancy. We strive to produce themes most relevant to the local user of the targeted geographical reach. We're based in Wollongong but that does not limit our understanding of the user experience by utilising advanced competitor reearch as well as search volumes specific to a specific area. 


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